“Thank You Berry Much” by my dear friend, Mary Beth Breshears.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, unmotivated , or lost, just remember that you always have a choice to stay where you are or get up and make some changes- Alyse Brautigam

Read that again.

Where in your life do you feel stuck, unmotivated, or lost? Is it in your emotional well-being, physical health, or in your relationship(s)? What if there were some ways to apply various techniques to help improve your overall wellness? Thank goodness it’s been done! Have you ever incorporated micro-habits into your daily routine? Do you know what a micro-habit is? Do you know the benefits of delayed gratification? Why can’t we always stay motivated? Is doing what’s easy really an option? And what do all of these have to do with our mental well-being?

Just the other day, I was reflecting on my life from the previous year. Before 2021, I was definitely stuck, unmotivated (distracted), and lost. I was living at home (thanks, Mom), partying, studying (certification to teach abroad), and chasing after many temporary highs. I felt unsettled for most of the time, and the only thing I had to show for was my certificate of completion to teach abroad, but that definitely wasn’t enough to satiate my entire wellbeing. The values and skill sets I have on this very day did not come from all of my restlessness, temporary highs, and the certificate. Instead, it was developed from within. But, personal development, as personalized as it is, is never done solely alone. Instead, you have someone or ideas who inspire you to get unstuck & motivated. I’ll discuss the people and ideas which helped me pull through, find motivation, personalize my routine, and made me happier.

The key to consistent success (by your own personal definition of success*) is self-discipline.

You get to choose what success means to you*. Success is personal. Success can be small, like mastering to floss your teeth daily, or maybe it’s more extensive, and you’re starting that side-hustle. Success is bred from self-discipline. But how in the world does one hone self-discipline? Where does one even start? If you’re asking yourself these very questions, keep following along to discover which techniques are best suited for you in part 2!

As always,

do your best,

prioritize your emotional wellness,

be kind,

be well,

Jules xo



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