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“Thank You Berry Much” by my dear friend, Mary Beth Breshears.

The key to consistent success is self-discipline.

“Where do I begin?” is what you might be asking yourself. It all starts with mindset. Mindset is everything. Your mindset has to shift if you desire to change. Instead of focusing on “how am I going to accomplish XYZ?”, shift that focus to why you need to accomplish XYZ. What are your intentions here? One may reflect upon an incident that left them needing to trek the self-improvement trail. Take some time to gather your thoughts; this is the time to be intentional. After all, existing is conventional; living is intentional!

My mindset and intentions shifted at a very convenient time, the end of 2020.

“I don’t want to be in the same place next year where I am today.” And that alone was enough for me to switch my mindset. As I said in Part 1, I was so unsettled and distracted that I felt I didn’t have much to show for by the end of the year. I do not wish to feel that again. It is our responsibility to take accountability for the way we show up in life. The new year was nigh, and I wasn’t one to set “New Year’s Resolutions,” instead, I decided to start small by making a personalized monthly challenge. I knew I needed to get my finances organized, create a flexible morning routine, move my body, cut out toxic foods and drinks, evaluate my relationships, read more, and start flossing. That seems like a lot to take on in 31 days, but I incorporated micro-habits into my daily routine, and to my surprise, it made my goals and intentions more manageable. As I mentioned earlier, you have to focus on why you want to accomplish XYZ.

There’s a caveat, however, which most everyone fails to mention and/or realize, even the most practical of habits like these (meditating, gratitude journal, and exercising) isn’t going to serve anyone if they’re being done transactionally. If you’re doing these great things more so because you seek them as means of improvement or means of labeling yourself 1% better after performing them, instead of just doing them because you like them, they’re not going to be of much use to you because you’re improving a version of something that’s not really you…if you don’t care about these things or don’t do them mostly for the sake of fun and joy, then it’s really just time spent perusing a status more than anything.

— Greg Audino from Optimal Living Advice Episode 16


My canny boyfriend reminded me that to facilitate personal growth; one must look at their environment first. I needed my space intentionally designed to be more proactive to work out, floss, read, eat better, and not drink. I have my workout equipment neatly spread out on the floor, where I see it every single day. My floss is sitting right by my toothbrush. I do not buy nor keep alcohol and sugary snacks in my kitchen. The people I intentionally spend time with also influence my environment. Are the people I’m surrounded by uplifting, kind, driven, loving, honest, and intentional? They are my mirrors. I encourage you to take an honest assessment (journaling helps) of your environment, including who you surround yourself with, & take notice if it promotes or prevents your mindset, intentions, and goals.

Personal development is a lifelong journey. It is not a form of deprivation; shift that mindset. It is an investment in yourself.

It’s time to show up for yourself on your own accord! Be sure to reward yourself for every step you take. Try not to get too obsessed with personal development because not every single area in your life needs simultaneous improvement. If you take on too much too quickly, you may feel overwhelmed and have higher chances of giving up. Lastly, you cannot bully yourself into loving yourself. What would it feel like if you weren’t so hard on yourself? Accept the fact there will be days you “don’t feel like it,” you will skip that workout because you know rest is just as equally important, you will forget to floss, you won’t make your bed, you will cave and eat sugary foods, your identity isn’t attached to your habit. You are worthy. You are a person of value. You are whole, and you are complete! If you’re asking yourself, “What about micro-habits & motivation? And how did you get where you are in such a short amount of time?” The answer is, do what’s easy and follow along for Part 3.

As always,

do your best,

prioritize your emotional wellness,

be kind,

be well,

Jules xo




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